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I work in North London - Muswell Hill, Southgate, Palmers Green, East Finchley, Highgate, Hampstead, Golders Green & surrounding areas - N2, N6, N8, N10, N12, N13, N14 N22, NW3, NW5, NW11


I will...

  •   Solve all problems: Windows & Now Mac OS XNEW
  •   Secure your computer - Remove malware, viruses, spyware
  •   Optimise your computer's performance -  Get it running like new!
  •   Install new software & hardware
  •   Setup wireless networks
  •   Data Recovery
  •   Computer Tuition in your own home...at your pace...including Windows 8.1
  •   Support with personal website building - NEW
  •   Search Engine Optimisation for your personal or small business website  - NEW


PC & Mac repair and optimisation in your own home 

If you are having any problems with your computer or want help setting up a brand-new computer system and wireless network then Computer Therapeutics is at your service.


I am based in North London and offer you a friendly and experienced home-visit service that will get your computer up and running again without the hassle of taking it in to a repair shop and leaving it there for days before you can use it again. 


Computer Therapeutics will come to you and in a short while will have your computer running smoothly again.



With private tuition I can help you to gain the ability and confidence to understand whatever Operating System you currently have installed and to use your computer and maintain its performance, stability and internet security.


Many of my older clients, the so-called 'silver surfers', who didn't grow up with a computer in their lap and had difficulty adjusting to this new way of working, have particularly benefitted from these lessons.


Microsoft have recently introduced the rather colourfuWindows 8.1 This is a complete rethink from Microsoft and is very different to previous Windows versions being styled very much with Touchscreens in mind. For many people it is causing a lot of confusion. I will help you understand and get to grips with this exciting new operating system! See more on Windows 8.1 here


CT - Your Personal IT Department

You have made the move from employee to self-employed and have set up a home-based business.


When you were an employee you got used to an IT department coming over to your desk and sorting out your computer problems but now that you are your own boss you no longer have that luxury.


That's where I come in to help with all your computer and network problems!


Computer Therapeutics is your own personal IT department!


If your computer goes wrong give me a call and my response time will usually be no longer than two or three days and sometimes you'll see me on the same day.


Help and Advice with Personal Website Building

Everyone has a website these days and if you are running a business a website is essential. It is the public face and doorway into your business and all the services you offer. It represents you and your work.

While I am not a website designer I can help you with choosing an appropriate website company, guide you through the self-build process and the choosing of a domain name and hosting company.

During and after the building of your website I will help to optimise it to give it the best chance for showing up high in the Search Engine listings.


Remote Work

If a home-visit is inconvenient for some reason then remote work can be implemented using special software (TeamViewer).



In the meantime, please check out my services and ratesfind out more of what I offer and read what clients say about Computer Therapeutics.


If you wish to speak to me immediately please Contact me on: 0333 320 0431* 

*Standard landline charges apply

 CT for IT!

David - Computer Therapist
David Sumeray fixing a client's PC

"David is simply superb at what he does, whether it's setting up my computer and network, solving a crisis, or simply providing advice. He is quick to respond to calls for help and has not yet been stymied by any problem I have presented him. He is always on top of the latest technological developments and has been a rock of patient, trustworthy support from the first time I hired him. I recommend David without reservation and with much enthusiasm."

Elin Woodger, N11